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Extended Finger Chart

First Octave F Natural



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.


Number 7

Keyed F natural on the knee



The F natural played using the key. This is an important note in Irish music especially when playing in G minor and D minor. It makes a wonderful harmony with the drones.

The off the knee version is often used to swell the note changing its volume and tone.

When you are coming down the scale, say from a B to an F natural, open the key with the thumb before you close the fingers down from the B note. This will give you a crisp start to the F natural note. It avoids the problem of trying to time the opening of the together. The tuning of this note is accurate in both octaves.

You can roll an F natural by keeping the key open, cutting with the A note and tipping with the uppermost E note. Nice.

For more discussion of this note in Irish music see Traditional Music of Ireland by Tomás ÓCanainn, Routlage and Keenan Paul Ltd. ISBN 0 7100 0021 9.

Tuning dependant on key opening. The corking on the key wants to be "just so" or the F# will be wide in the octave that means that the bottom F# will be sharp and the top F# will be flat. The way my chanter is set up at the moment it is giving me 0 cents out of tune in each octave. If the cork is too thick the tone will be muted.

I have just re-corked the key as it was sharp in the bottom octave by about 8 cents.

Contact me if you need details of the procedure.

Number 8

Keyed F natural off the knee


Used For swelling note, of the knee passages or changing tone colour.


Number 9

F natural

half holed

on the knee

X | XXX | XDOO | X

If You don't have a key for the F natural note it can be half holed to good affect. It is very easy to slide accurately up to the note from an E. It is more difficult to come down the scale and hit the note "on the Nose.


Number 10

F natural

Half holed off the knee

X | XXX | XDOO | X

Again the note can be swelled by lifting off the knee and indeed it is improved by the additional venting the bell of the chanter gives off the knee playing..

Tuning dependant on players skill.

Note - On Howard sets an F natural can also be played on the baritone regulator by opening BOTH the F# and D keys together.