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Extended Finger Chart

First Octave F#



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.

Number 11

F# note on knee

X | XXX | X0XX | X


The F# is the major third note of the scale and as such needs to be flat to harmonise with the drone s and regulators. An untempered scale in D requires that the F# should be about 14 cents flat. It is a note that is a little awkward as there are many factors in producing accurate tuning. For instance the bore below the note is quite important.

Trill. A semitone tril,l F#G, can be played by rapidly opening and closing the bottom G finger.


Tuning 12 cents flat.

Number 12

F# note

off Knee

X | XXX | XOXX | O


Playing this note off the Knee produces a different tone

It is used in passages played that give the contrast to tight playing.

You can further change the tone by playing this note in the open style as shown below but off the knee.

Tuning 10 cents flat.

Number 13

F# note open

X | XXX | OXXX | O

This version of the F# plays a little sharper than the one above . It is useful if you are playing with fixed pitch instruments that are tuned to a tempered scale (e.g. Piano) You will need to play this F# if you want to play open rolls. I cut with the A note and tip with the top e note.


Tuning 5 cents flat