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Extended Finger Chart

First Octave G



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.


Number 14

G note on the knee

X | XXX | OXXX | O


The normal on the knee note. It is an important note in that it is the key note when playing in G major or G minor.

It can be rolled both open and closed without opening any other holes.

Trill. A semitone trill, G Ab, can be played by rapidly opening and closing the Ab key.

Tuning 0 cents flat.

Number 15

G note off the knee

X | XXX | 0XXX | O


Normal off the knee note. Can be used in off the knee passages and to swell the note and change tone colour.


Tuning 0 cents flat

Number 15

G note One fingered

X | XXX | OXXX | X

This is usefull when playing tight triplets or backstitching. care must be taken with pressure as you can easily go into the second octave. (see samef ingering in secondoctave).