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Extended Finger Chart

First Octave A



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.

Number 19


on the knee

X | XXO | XXXX | X

This is the note that musicians tune to in sessions.

Being played tight the portion of the bore underneath the single open note hole gives a distinctive tone to this note.

Trill. A semitone trill, A-Bb, can be played by rapidly opening and closing the Bb key.

Tuning 0 cents flat.( By definition)

Number 20



on the knee


X | XXO | OOOO | X

This is the fingering used when playing the regulators with the chanter bottom hand. The tuning has to be good enough to harmonise with the regulator notes.

The A note can be played with many of the bottom fingers off the chanter, either singly or in combination. This makes many different tone colours available to the player. Also by moving these fingers rapidly on and off the chanter different vibrato effects are created.

This is the refinance note for tuning the drones, (you can't move the sliding section with your bottom hand on the chanter) so it has to be in good tune.

Tuning 5 cents sharp

Number 21


off the knee

X | XXO | xxxx | O


Used in off the knee passages and for changing tone colour. It lends itself to vibrato as in the on the knee above,

Tuning 10 cents sharp