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Extended Finger Chart

First Octave B



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.

Number 25


on the knee

This is the normal on the knee b note.

From G to B is a major third and as such the B needs to be flat to harmonise with the drones.

The lower hand note holes can be uncovered for tonal effects.

Trill. A semitone trill, B- C, natural can be played by rapidly opening and closing the C natural key.

Tuning 10 cents flat.

Number 26



off the knee

X | XOO | XXXX | O

The off the knee fingering. This can be used to swell the on knee method of playing.



Tuning 10 cents flat.

Number 27


One finger

X | XOX | XXXX | X


I know this is the same fingering for the fingered Bb above but its use as a b note is quite special. When played as a tight b there is not enough time to hear its pitch accurately. It adds crispness to the B C D tight triplet that is frequently used in dance music.

See No.52, one fingered 2nd octave G, for a discussion on combining these two notes.

Tuning 60 cents flats. (I said it was flat)