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Extended Finger Chart

Third Octave Eb



Oh, I got this far and found I had an Eb in the 3rd octave.

Number 71

3rd E

third octave

x | XXX | OXX | X


C | XXX | OXX | X

Seamus Ennis showed me a note on his C# chanter, he called it "The Extra Note."

I think he played it by playing a third D with the top finger closed and then opening the G finger. But using the speaker key principle, if you leak with the back D hole while playing a second octave one fingered G the chanter will play the third E.

Trill. A full -tone trill 3rd D to third E can be played by rapidly opening and closing the G finger. When the fo;llowing fingering is used for the third D.





Number 72

3rd Eb

third octave

O | OXX |XOX | X

This is a sharp 3rd. Eb but it is usefull as a cut when rolling the 3rd. D

Tuning 12 cents sharp