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Low C, C# and Eb Tuneable Whistles

Howard low whistles are not hard blown nor do they use much air. They move solidly between the two octaves.With practice they can be played loudly or quietly in both octaves without significant changes in pitch.


C# or Eb Tuneable

Black only Finishes


e-mail us for special finishes

Price £117.91 (GBP)

Special Postage paid anywhere on the planet.

The Eb whistle has for many years been available in the high pitch variety. mainly by our friends at the Generation Whistle company. The low version has a crisper sound and the span is much easier for those who find the span difficult on a low D.

The C# whistle is the same pitch as the old baroc pitch, about a semi-tone flat on modern pitch. It is a good key for slow airs.

This is why the the old uilleann chanters were pitched flat. The C# and B chanters in modern pitch were actualy D and C on the old pitch

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