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Low Whistles

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 Howard low whistles are not hard blown nor do they use much air. They move solidly between the two octaves.With practice they can be played loudly or quietly in both octaves without significant changes in pitch.

Howard Low Whistles have been made since the early 1970's and the present design was first put on sale in 1985. The design has been constantly improved since.

The tone is of a haunting quality (for airs), it takes little air (jigs and reels), it moves easily and solidly between octaves with some dynamics (you can play loud or soft without loosing tuning. The tuning is excellent over two full octaves.

The barrel is made of specially drawn thin wall brass tube with an ABS (high grade resin) head.
The head is movable for tuning with a reference line incised around the barrel to give a tuning visual aid.

Apart from the nickel-plated and the un-lacquered brass barrels the other whistles are coated with various colours.
This is achieved by covering the surface with a fine powder and then the barrel is heated to fuse the powder onto the surface giving a long lasting attractive surface.
This also has the advantage of insulating the whistle so once it has warmed up it stays warm.
The "powder coating" also adds a non-slip quality to the whistle giving a firm grip without excessive strain on thumb joints.

They are available in the keys of Eb, D, c#, C. The full colour range is available only in D. Other colours are available by special order, please e-mail The Shop.

If you have a Howard whistle with a damaged whistle head, or you would like to upgrade to the latest head design, we do supply heads separately. See here



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